Custom Lottie Animation Won't Play (Frozen)

Hello I’m having some issues with lottie-react-native.

I can get some animations to run (only the older ones as I believe they have to have been exported in the older format to work in expo currently) however the custom animation I have created in AE doesn’t animate when in the app.

I know that the animation works fine as it works perfectly in the lottiefiles/preview
Just to confirm, when testing my animation, I’m using the exact same code I’ve been using for the working animations I’ve copied from

My animation appears only as an image and I cannot get it to animate, either by using animated values, refs or with autoplay loop.

Some version info:
“expo”: “~37.0.9”,
“lottie-react-native”: “^3.4.0”,
“react”: “~16.9.0”,
“react-native”: “”,

Any help on this would be amazing. I can provide you the files if needed, I tried setting up a snack but it seems you can’t add lottie-react-native as a dependency (at least It wasn’t working for me)