Configuring xdl/packager to live reload changes in node_modules


I would like my create-react-native-app based app to live reload when code in my node_modules changes. The vanilla React Native packager does this out-of-the-box, but this does not seem to be how the expo-flavored packager (xdl?) works.

Is there a way I can configure the packager to watch for changes in either specific, or all node_modules? I’m okay making manual changes to react-native-scripts. Maybe @dikaiosune could advise?

(FWIW I’m using Whackage to sync changes from my local checkout into node_modules.)

Turns out this might be an issue with the react-native packager after all:

Was just coming here to paste that link. I’m told that the RN packager will be seeing a number of improvements in the coming months (presumably to help with developing libraries and other things like this), and this might get addressed as part of that.