Code published is visible to all?


I’m thinking of publishing my project here on Expo. I was just wondering is it possible for users to see the code that I publish.



You could have users scan the QR code of your app with the expo app installed on their phones.

Yes that’s fine. That’s what I want actually I just don’t particularly want users to see the actual source code of the application.

view the source of this website and open the js. here’s a link to one of the js files:

this is similar to what the user gets with expo when they run your app. it’s minified and pretty mangled so it doesn’t actually look like your original source code. but javascript is an interpreted language so that’s about as good as you can get. even if you were to use a language like c where you compile it down to machine code, it’s still not safe to put any sensitive information in your code (eg: api secrets, passwords).

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