Code(ENOSPC) and ADB reverse

hello, I have a problem when I make some changes to the project sometimes they are not updated in the emulator (genymotion) and I can not emulate it again, just restarting the pc. If I start the project again without restarting:

Starting Metro Bundler on port 19001.
Metro Bundler ready.
Successfully ran adb reverse. Localhost URLs should work on the connected Android device.
Tunnel ready.
Metro Bundler failed to start. (code: ENOSPC)

when I run it in the emulator:

Couldn’t adb reverse: Invalid source port: ‘null’
Opening on Android device

and genymotion says:
packager is not running at localhost:80 en vez de 1900?

Google things related to the order of the ips, kill and start adb, something of watchman, but I do not know how to continue! Use Ubuntu 18.04!

If someone happened to him please help me, I would like to know how to use expo but I’m going to error in error is very frustrating!

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