Clarification on monorepo usage


I am trying to move my expo app to a monorepo, and I followed this guide: Work with monorepos - Expo Documentation

after having changed the nodeModulesPaths as indicated

// 2. Let Metro know where to resolve packages and in what order
config.resolver.nodeModulesPaths = [
  path.resolve(projectRoot, 'node_modules'),
  path.resolve(workspaceRoot, 'node_modules'),

I have a build issue because one of the modules cannot be found. the module is react-native-typing-animation, which is a dependency of react-native-gifted-chat. For some reason, this module is not saved at the root of the node_moduldes folder, but as one of the node_modules of the parent module.
(here: myproject/packages/my_app/node_modules/react-native-gifted-chat/node_modules/react-native-typing-animation). My understanding is that the path definition in nodeModulesPaths is too narrow for it to work.
Or could it be that this library should declare its dependencies differently so that they end up in the shared node_modules folder ?

Any help would be welcomed :slight_smile: