Clarification on Android Permissions in app.json

Followup to this old one: [Android] Unnecessary permissions?

The guide states

      List of additional permissions the standalone app will request upon installation.
      Along with the minimum necessary for an expo app to function.  

      Don't use "permissions" to use the default list.

      Set "permissions" to [] to use ONLY the MINIMUM necessary permissions.
  • What are the minimum permissions set by Expo?
  • What does the second statement mean, Don’t use permissions to use the default list? It will only use the default list? Or the default list and these additional ones below this?
  • If I add my own permissions does Expo still include its “minimum” permissions?

In practice, setting [] caused Expo to forget to set any Location permissions. So Minimum reflects I guess Expo’s internal requirements, not the App’s minimum requirements. So this wording tricked me up on my last Android release causing my users not to have geolocation!.


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