Change Push certificates for existing app in production

I have an existing app in the stores making use of the Expo push service.

I need to detach soon so I will lose Expo’s push service. Are there any gotchas updating an existing app in the stores? Presumably the push certificates will need to change, will that cause any issue with existing customers?


Hi! I’m going to ask @ide to weigh in here. I will say that we hope in the very near future to support push notifications for ExpoKit apps, but that may not line up with your release schedule.

The push certificates do not need to change. You will need to get the APNs device tokens with registerForRemoteNotifications and application:didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken: (these are Apple APIs, out of the purview of Expo) and then you can use the same push certificate to send notifications to the devices with those tokens.

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