Change android navigation bar color programmatically

How to change android navigation bar programmatically with expo managed? I know how to choose a color in the app.json, but I want to change it to adapt to dark/light theme on running time, not just at the start-up.

I’m not talking about the StatusBar, I mean the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.


@pedrobern I am stuck on the same Issue. Have you managed to get it work??

@kartikeyvaish nop :frowning: we can’t do this on expo managed. But if you find a workaround, please tell me.

@pedrobern Ok!

Hey guys, I’m stuck in the same problem. Did you manage to handle it?

No, not yet. Expo Team has added a feature to change navigation bar color through app.json but we can’t change the color programmtically as of now. :cry: