Can't run my standalone app

I built a standalone .apk file but and it installed correctly but whenever i open it, it shows waiting for figwheel to load files.

Here is my exp.json file
“name”: “panda”,
“description”: “No description”,
“slug”: “panda”,
“sdkVersion”: “15.0.0”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“orientation”: “portrait”,
“primaryColor”: “#cccccc”,
“privacy”: “public”,
“icon”: “ExponentEmptyManifest_192.png”,
“notification”: {
“icon”: “”,
“color”: “#000000
“loading”: {
“icon”: “”,
“hideExponentText”: false
“packagerOpts”: {
“assetExts”: [“ttf”,“otf”],
“nonPersistent”: “”
“ios”: {
“supportsTablet”: true
“package”: “com.hitesh.panda”
here is the link to .apk file

Hey! You’ll have to do lein prod-build to get the production version built before exp publish to publish a version that can be loaded from the .apk. See here:


I’ve got the same issue on a freshly built clojurescript project (using, everything works fine locally with XDE and figwheel. I did run “lein prod-build” before …

Have you find any way around this ?

Thanks :wink:

I have the same issue. My app working is working with XDE and when I build:android and install it on a device I get a spinning flywheel. I am not using Closure or anything else I just want the .apk to work.

@jefferyvincent It looks like you got things working here ([CLOSED] App works in Expo XDE but not as a standalone .apk (spinning loader when opened) - #2 by dome-ger) – I’ll also follow up in that thread to keep the conversation more focused.

Late reply on this one. But

  1. Check that your lein prod-build actually produced a main.js file. I am assuming here that in Dev, this application had no problems running on either platform - IOS/Android.
  2. WHen you run the exp publish if it fails before creating either the IOS bundle or Android bundle, usually you have a missing dependency. Eg. I once go this error about a module that could not be found ‘websocket’
    So you just run ‘yarn install ->modulename<-’ (no arrows of course) and then clear all caches on the packager before attempting your publish again.

Watch the build process carefully to see if any warnings or errors come up.

  1. If you see the ‘Waiting for Figwheel message’ it means you tried to publish a build that was put together prior using the lein figwheel command. You need to stop the repl, run ‘lein clean’, run lein prod-build, then run your exp publish (maybe add the -o switch to see what it is doing )

  2. Make sure your app.json file has icon and notification set. There was a point where i could not publish without those entries pointing to perfectly square images/icon files.
    eg. here is a snippet

“icon”: “./assets/icons/exchange.png”,
“notification”: {
“icon”: “./assets/icons/exchange.png”,

Hope this helps.