Can we add expo push notifications to an application with a Webview?

I’m developing a small application that contains a Webview of a certain website and I want to implement expo-notifications in it.
I searched everywhere and I couldn’t find a way to do so. Any suggestions please? does it even work?

yes you can! it works.
if you show the code maybe, somebody help you.
I also use small application contains Webview.
I use firebase and expo build

Great! Could you please show me how did you do it in a standalone app for IOS & Android using Firebase?

You can implement push-notfication in a webview app i did it recently in my app

firstly implement by fetching ExpoPushToken (follow the docs ) and test it with expo-notification-tool , if it goes all right then you can fetch that expopushtoken and save in your FirebaseDB (fetching will work in expo client app on its own but for android build apk you have to set up fcm (given in expo docs) for fetching ExpoPushToken in android devices .