Can I use JAVA code or .JAR file

Hi, Can I use JAVA code or .jar file in Expo project (react native)?

May be JAVA / JAR for Android and c#/swift for iOS. I want to say if a library or code in native language I can use.

hey what’s up!

expo actually has a really cool feature called ‘detaching’ which lets you use all the react native code you’ve written, but you can add custom native modules that don’t exist in RN/Expo apis right now.

the downside is that when you detach, you can no longer use XDE to handle a lot of the tedium of building an app for iOS and android - you’ll have to finish your app and publish it from android studio & xcode.

I would do some research to see if what you’re trying to accomplish can be done with expo/react native library, but if you need native modules you can read how to use them

good luck!