Camera tap to focus, or using non-Expo components with Expo

Is there some way to configure the Camera component to support focusing on a tapped point?

If not, it looks like I may have to start using non-Expo components (specifically, react-native-camera, for now). Is there a painless way to do this with Expo, or am I going to have to rebuild the whole dang thing with react-native init?


Hi, tsiniloiv.

The Camera component supports autoFocus, and focusDepth. There’s also Expo.ImagePicker.launchCameraAsync, which will launch the system camera, which I think will almost always have tap-to-focus if the device supports it.

In the worst-case scenario, if you do find that you need native functionality that isn’t available in expo yet, you can detach your current project to ExpoKit and add what you need “around” it, rather than rewriting it from scratch.

I hope at least one of those options helps.

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