[Camera] takePictureAsync() quality not working as expected

I’m having trouble using the option quality when calling takePictureAsync().
When I use the value as 1 it works as expected, giving me a full quality photo, but when I use any value lower than 1, like 0.9 or even 0.9999999, it gives me a super low quality photo. Talking about numbers, the first photo has about 6.6Mb and the last one has about 160Kb.

Here are my gist with the code that takes the picture and show on screen:

This is a problem in Expo or I’m doing something wrong?

I have similar issue after upgrading from v28 to v30. Quality property works correctly only for value 1 (or none), for 0 it produces same quality as for 1, and for anything in between it produces low quality, black and white picture.

My temporary solution is to use ImageEditor which doesn’t have quality related property but produces image with lower size.

Maybe it has something to do with lately added skipProcessing property (which I don’t use)?

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ImageEditor is an Expo API? I found just ImageManipulator API

It’s in RN: https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/imageeditor

Thanks, I’ll try this

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