Camera Face Detection landmarks, classification is not working

Camera is working great. I’m able to detect faces from the camera but i’m not getting landmarks, classification data. I have also passed the props mentioned in the documentation.

I went through the expo-camera module and in the Component i didn’t find the properties like “faceDetectionClassifications” or “faceDetectionLandmarks”. Can any point me in the right direction here. Am I missing anything ?

Version: 29.0.0
Exp: 57.0.1

Using through expo client and not detached the app yet.

Hey @anurag6713,

You may want to look at the Camerja example here:

If that doesn’t help out, let me know!



Thanks for the reply !
Used camerja … It is not showing landmarks data. It is detecting the face and painting the block around it … just showing some rotation, size data not landmarks data.

Alright, I’m going to ping internally and see what I can find out!

I had problem cloning it. I was getting “Native Module cannot be null” so copied files from camerja to my new project created using expo and it worked. Except landmarks data was not shown.

Do i need to download / add anything extra to make google vision work with face land mark detection ? or Expo by default enables it if i’m running it ?

@anurag6713 We’ve made some changes in FaceDetector module that is used by Camera module, but documentation is not rolled out yet. You can check API changes on our staging channel and wait for next release that would clarify FaceDetector module API and it’s new usage.

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