BranchIO/Expo concerns with data collection

Hello there,

We have had our app removed from the Google Play Store for violating their policies, specifically this BranchIO issue.

We are concerned about the possible sharing of user data without our consent or knowledge.
So what I am enquiring about is what user data, if any, is being collected by Branch IO/Expo?

Just to point out, we have not implemented BranchIO nor do we use it in our app but we need to ensure that no user data has been collected or shared.

Kind regards,

Hey @danieljoyceswarm,

We do not collect or send any user information via Branch. If you do not explicitly import and call the Branch module, no data is transferred at all. Also, to address your concerns, remember Expo is open-source so you have full visibility into the application’s inner-workings and can look for yourself to ensure nothing of ill-will is occurring.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Hello @adamjnav

Thank you for the confirmation. I’ll be sure to update the app with the newest Expo & CLI and attempt a redeploy to the Google Play Store

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