Blank notification on Android

I’m on SDK 38 still using the LegacyNotifications package.

I have an iOS and Android app. We send notifications to our users from our server through the Expo notifications service.

We’d like to update the badge count on our iOS app using notifications, and we have found that if we send a notification that only has a value for badge in the POSTed JSON, it’s delivered “silently” on iOS (meaning no banner, no sound, the only thing that happens is the badge count changes.)

We understand that Android does not have the same badge count support. I find however that if I send the same notification (JSON that only has a value for “badge”) I get a blank notification on the Android device.

Can anyone confirm that I should expect a completely blank notification on Android when doing this?

I can update our app to store the platform along with the push token, and only send badge count updates to iOS users, but I was kind of just surprised that I would have to do this since it’s not documented and I would have expected Expo to be doing that already.

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