BarCodeScanner upc-a iOS?

Hey lads thanks for the great work. Just wondering if there is any chance to support upc-a for iOS again. I was able to see it was unsupported since v18.0.0 of the SDK.


Hello @rodri !
Sorry for missing this - it turns out EAN13 includes UPC-A codes for iOS, so please just use the EAN13 in your barCodeTypes and it should be recognized. It’s actually never been a separate type as it is on Android. We will update the docs very soon, thanks for pointing this!

That is great @aalices !

Thanks for replying. There is one concern now that you mentioned it, I was trying to implement the scanner successfully but after further testing I realized UPC-A barcodes are harder for the scanner to be detected but just for some particular cases. I was not able to find any pattern or reason in particular on why some UPC-A products are not getting detected or are harder to detect even if the barcode is in perfect condition and in focus with good light. Same is not happening when scanning EAN-13 barcodes, they appear to be working always in all the cases I tried.

Do you have any ideas why this might be happening?

Please let me know if you need anything from me in order to check it out.

What do you mean by “harder to detect”? I’ll try to work this out. You can also provide examples you have problems with.

Hey @aalices found the problem! it was the torchMode on as soon as I turned it off it worked perfectly with the products I was having issues with. I believe that a feature to control the brightness of the flash will be useful for cases like this. Anyway I guess the user needs to know that they need some light to scan properly!

Problem solve thanks a mill!

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