Aysnc storage slow on network without internet.

I’m using Simple Store which uses async storage. But when I’m connected to a WiFi network without internet it take around 30-50 secondes to get something from the storage.

With internet it’s < 1 second.

I wish I could remember where I read an article which, I think, explains what’s going on here.

If I remember correctly there is a fixed thread pool (or something like that) that is used by a few things including Async Storage. So if there are other things going on at the same time then the Async Storage call might have to wait in a queue until another thread is available. Obviously, if there are e.g. DNS requests or update checks or something like that going on at the same time then it could cause Async Storage to have to wait.

Of course this is a guess based on my less than perfect memory of this article, so I could be completely wrong.

Unfortunately I can’t remember if the article proposed some sort of solution either :frowning: