Axios post on Android device give me Network Error

I have an axios call to a presigned url in s3 for upload, this work well in IOS but throw “Network Error” in android.

The code is pretty simple but without any other information (the response is empty) I do not kwow how to solve this.

  , formData, config)
                .then(function (response) { 
                .catch(function (err) { console.log('S3err',err, err.response) })

I use react-native with expo, the axios call work in ios and also in the web version.

The problem seems relative to formdata, if for example I remove the file from formdata (formData.append(“file”, myfile):wink: obviously my post not work but the error (missing pre-conditions…) and the status (412) code are ok, but with file in formdata I’ve not error description nor status code…


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