Automatic JSX Runtime error SDK 43

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  1. SDK Version: 43
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
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Hi I followed the following articles to upgrade to the new JSX runtime. But its not able to find React property when the Standalone app starts. I am using Typescript and have run the npx codemod as well. I have modified my tsconfig.json and babel.config.js accordingly. Any thoughts how to resolve this? Should I try without the codemod keeping the existing React imports as it is?

1.expo/ at bd9346d8863bcc500dbc6cb120a6d017acb3f584 · expo/expo · GitHub
2. Announcing TypeScript 4.1 - TypeScript

Hey @idrlmartian, can you create a public github repo with a minimal reproducible implementation of this? Being able to run it locally will be helpful.


Hi @idrlmartian

Does your code contain any references to React? I think the codemod should have taken care of that, but maybe just check to be sure.

@wodin yes there are some files with React but not referencing react but importing React, almost all others are fine

If you are no longer importing React, but your code refers to it, then it will crash.

sorry i just corrected my last comment there are no references

I see. Then I don’t know. Sorry. If you can create a minimal app that has the same problem and share the code, then hopefully we can figure out what is going wrong.

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