Asset validation failed - Missing App Icon (90713) (90022) (90704)

I’m trying to upload my App to TestFlight via the Transporter tool, but the verification keeps failing.

Asset validation failed (90713) Missing Info.plist value.
Asset validation failed (90704) Missing App Icon.
Asset validation failed (90022) Missing required icon file.

Here is my app.json file, and the repository contains other expo config files as well.
I did not change the default icon.png which were generated when I initialised the expo project.

Here is the link to my latest build:

I tried to tinker with the configs, but I couldn’t figure out what I’m missing, I made several builds, but all of them are failing with the mentioned error codes.

Any help is appreciated.


you have ios and android directories in your project, which means we skip running prebuild, and so your app.json isn’t applied. prebuild is the command that takes your app config and generates native projects. you can re-run it locally with npx expo prebuild --clean but it will clear any manual changes you’ve made to your ios and android directories. if you want to modify those manually, you need to change icons within those native projects.

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In addition to what Brent said, you can remove the native projects if you do not need them:

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Thank you guys, I could solve this issue by following your guidance.
I really appreciate your help!

I did not notice that the ios folder was generated.
I deleted it and edited my app.config.js to contain some icon related info, and the errors are gone.

    "ios": {
      "supportsTablet": true,
      "infoPlist": {
        "NSCameraUsageDescription": "This app uses the camera to scan barcodes.",
        "CFBundleIconName": "icon.png"
      "bundleIdentifier": "com.buidlguidl.scaffoldwallet",
      "icon": "./assets/icon.png",

Thanks a lot,

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