Asset bundling in SDK24

When you bundle assets with expo v24, does it turn gifs into static images? Also is there a list anywhere of supported image file types for “assetBundlePatterns”?

  • When you publish your app, all your assets get uploaded to Expo’s CDN.
  • When you run exp build, the assets matching assetBundlePatterns are downloaded from our CDN at that time and written into your native ipa/apk.
  • At no point do we modify the actual contents of the assets (to answer your question about gifs). We just upload and download them as-is.

cc @nikki or @janic about the supported file types.

Thanks for the insights!

I am curious about images only being support for assetBundlePatterns. I built an app with images, gifs, sounds, and fonts. The resulting app seems to have bundled all of these.

The only issue I observe is is the gifs are now still images. This makes me wonder if gifs are not supported and thus they are unable to play and appearing to be still images?

One thing I modifed in the code was I used to have Asset downloadAsync() on all images. I am guessing if they are built into the standalone binary I don’t need this anymore, but perhaps it is still necessary and is the root of my issue? --If this is the case, it might be nice to add a code snippet example in the offline support guide.

Excuse this issue. I think something else was going on, and now everything seems to be working as expected.

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