Animated or three.js for this use case

Hey guys, I want to put some animations into my app. I’m looking at having a screen where it consists of a 2d highway and then random 2d cars driving in opposite directions.

I’ve not done anything like this before with react native and am unsure what to use to accomplish this.
Could someone point me in the right direction/


you have a couple of choices and the right choice depends on exactly

  1. you could use a GLView and then you could use stuff like THREE to do animations. - allows 3D modeling (google Pillar Valley for an example of this)
  2. you could just move around RN Views/Images. - This is probably the easiest thing. Look at Animated library.
  3. You could use Lottie and draw stuff in after effects. This probably isn’t a good idea if you want randomness involved. It’s more for logos and stuff like that.

I would probably start with (2) then use (1) if I had more complex needs or was unhappy with the performance.


Thanks ccheever.

I’ve took your advice and used the Animated library, after a bit of studying, so far so good!

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