Animated GIFs no longer animating in standalone Android builds

I’ve got a project that uses SDK 29 and uses an animated .GIF for a loading indicator. About a week or so ago, the spinner stopped spinning in standalone builds for Android.

I haven’t tested iOS standalone.

The GIF works when run in the Expo client. Running with “–no-dev” and “–minify” doesn’t change anything.

Creating a new project (using the latest version of the new expo client and the ‘init’ command) on SDK 30 and copying the code from GIF Example - Snack exhibits the same behaviour: works in the client, but not in standalone.

Any insight as to why animated GIFs may have stopped animating in standalone builds? As far as we can tell, we’ve made no changes to image handling code or the assets themselves. The standalone APKs produced by the build system simply no longer support animated GIFs (we’ve tried with multiple GIFs as well).

I confirmed that behaviour and passed it to guys that work with SDK. Expect some response not sooner than on Monday, though.

I’ve experienced the same with SDK28, I’ve been building standalone builds fine with the same codebase so it looks like some change in the online builders not affected by someone upgrading the SDK.

If it helps this happened somewhere between releases built Oct 17th and Oct 30th.

We have to pull our last release from the store until the builder is fixed. Because we can’t rebuild a working app using the Expo online builders this means we have to unpack and repack the last working build with a new versionCode. I guess this is telling us that detaching would be sensible to avoid unexpected changes to the online builders like this.

This should be fixed today. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience.

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