Android screen rotation not working - always portrait

Have recently upgraded Expo on my devices, and now the Expo client always shows in portrait mode, regardless it’s connected to any server. I mean it doesn’t rotate even before I scan the QR code… neither is does after the app has been downloaded and is running.

Tested the version 2.14.0 on 3 devices, (1 phone with Android 8.0, 1 table with Android 8.0, another phone with Android 9), all of these have screen autorotation mode enabled.
Haven’t tried so far if my app - once built and downloaded as APK - also shows this behaviour.
Previous released was OK, as was OK the Expo client.

Also, the iOS client (v works well.

There is something I can do to correct this problem ?

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In the root folder of the project there is a file called “app.json”, in this folder there will be a value called “orientation”:
This value must be set to “default”, otherwise you will not be able to view the device in both ways.
In my case the default value was portrait.

Try it and good luck!


Actually I had already found and corrected the problem you describe in my app.json.
Thanks anyway.

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