Android render Cached SVG Image

On Android, I’m having a issue caching and then loading svg images.

I’m getting the following errors:

Network Request Error:

GET file:///data/user/0/host.exp.exponent/cache/ExperienceData/%2540collinc777%252FNuWash/ExponentAsset-4239bf4f61f97ae325f7584b0f62ff8e.svg 

JS Exception:

got error TypeError: Network request failed
    at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onerror (whatwg-fetch.js:504)
reactConsoleErrorHandler @ ExceptionsManager.js:84
__expoConsoleLog @ RemoteConsole.js:89
console.error @ YellowBox.js:59
(anonymous) @ SvgImage.js:32
tryCallOne @ core.js:37
(anonymous) @ core.js:123
(anonymous) @ JSTimers.js:295
_callTimer @ JSTimers.js:152
_callImmediatesPass @ JSTimers.js:200
callImmediates @ JSTimers.js:464
__callImmediates @ MessageQueue.js:320
(anonymous) @ MessageQueue.js:135
__guard @ MessageQueue.js:297
flushedQueue @ MessageQueue.js:134
callFunctionReturnFlushedQueue @ MessageQueue.js:109
t @ RNDebuggerWorker.js:1

I don’t believe I can make a snack for this because I can’t upload an svg file to use remotely in the snack.

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