Android - Local Notifications don't open app on click when using expokit (detached app)

I’m facing a problem since I’ve detached my app from expo.
I’m using expo SDK 25.0.0 and Local notifications work fine, but nothing happen when clicking on them, it should at least open the app but it doesn’t.
I found this issue and I guess this is a bug with expoKit:
I need it to be fixed as soon as possible. I’m thinking about moving to this lib: but I’d rather stick to expokit than use yet another lib.

Is there somenone experiencing this issue and/or having a workaround?


hi there! this is a known issue at the moment, @esamelson has it on his list but we don’t have any eta for a fix, apologies! if you want to dig in and find the root cause you should be able to do that given that the source is all exposed to you in expokit

Is there any news on this with SDK 26?
Sounds like you’ve been working on local notification, but only on Android, am I right?


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