Android build doesn't update to newer version of the code

Hi, first time poster. Amazing to have found you here.
I have built three versions with different code but I keep getting the first .apk it seems no matter how I update the app and see it change while connected to the Expo app, when I “exp build:android” the following process keeps producing the same .apk that runs like it had the first one’s code in it. Weird. Am on SDK 25.0.0 .

Edit 1: Noticed the splash screen wasn’t getting update on the Expo app but didn’t think it had anything to do, it finally updated to my splash screen after some local rebuilds.

Hi @f-rank - could you try updating to the latest version of exp (npm install -g exp) and running that command again?

In general, the exp build commands create an app with the published version of your JS (the last time you ran exp publish). If you hadn’t done that in a while, that’s likely why you were seeing builds with stale code. The newest version of exp, however, will automatically publish your JS for you as part of the build process.

Hi @esamelson.
I did “npm install -g exp” yesterday, did it again just now and am it got stuck at:
"remove:symbol-observable: sill remove C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\exp\node_modules\symbol-observable"
I was adding --publish to the build and it worked, don’t really know what to do about the stuck npm global update though.

Edit 1: managed to run the global update.
Edit 2: apparently --publish wasn’t it at all

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