Amplify Console new Expo-Web project build errors

Hi all,

I followed this Publishing Websites - Expo Documentation

trying to build multiple fresh expo SDK 41 web project.

However they all failed with the same build errors: ’
2021-06-23T08:08:18.698Z [WARNING]: error @expo/configure-splash-screen@0.4.0: The engine “node” is incompatible with this module. Expected version “>=12”. Got “10.16.0”
2021-06-23T08:08:18.708Z [WARNING]: error Found incompatible module.

Is this a known issues building expo-web on Amplify?


Hi kc, you can try changing the node version in AWS amplify.

To do this click on Build Settings, then on Edit to change the amplify.yml and find the line - nvm use, I changed mine to 12 and it sorted my issue out

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Thanks so much this solved my errors!

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