After upgrade to expo sdk 40 location is not working anymore


In my application the first thing the user should see after login is a map with the current location marked.
After upgrade to expo 40 this does not happen anymore, nothing gets returned by Location.getCurrentPositionAsync.
In Expo Go, using expo start, it works though.
As permissions I have listed just ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION.

Can anyone help?

Hey @test_purposes, are you saying that your standalone Android app is no longer working as expected with regards to Location?


Hi adamjnav , yes, the location is not returned by Location.getCurrentPositionAsync.

@test_purposes and before you call Location.getCurrentPositionAsync() you do call Location.requestPermissionsAsync()?

Hi @marasu , yes. And that works as expected. I’ve put an alert with the result of getCurrentPositionAsync. In Expo Go it’s my current location, in my apk and aab is null.

@adamjnav is Location.getCurrentPositionAsync returning null in apk/aab a general issue on sdk 40? do you have any recommendations about what I could try?
Thank you,

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