Added permissions after ejecting (do I need the expo module..?))

I recently ejected to the bare workflow (needed IAP), and in doing so, I discovered that permissions were being added to my Android builds that I had never used or seen before, such as:


After inspecting manifest-merger-release-report.txt in the build output I discovered that these permissions were being added by expo-location module. I don’t use expo-location at all, and it’s not in my packages, but apparently it’s in use by the expo package.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to prevent the permission from being added? After all, I’m not using it?
  2. Do I need the expo module after ejecting? I’m using expo unimodules such as expo-asset, expo-av and expo-font, but none of these seem to require expo itself. I’m no longer using expo for development at all either, but it’s not really clear to me if I need it or not after ejecting.