3rd Party Push Notification Service for Non-Detached App

I’m wondering if it’s at all possible to download the push certificates Expo uses so that I can upload them to a 3rd party push notification service - such as OneSignal or Mixpanel.

Is this possible in a non-detached app? It would help me out a lot, since I won’t have to integrate one of the server-side SDKs.


We don’t support any non-Expo push services at the moment unless you detach. We need to send a little bit of extra metadata with our push notifications to make sure that we can route the notification to your JavaScript code correctly.

Also, IIUC to integrate with those and other push providers you’d still need to include native code because they have to do similar things (although my knowledge here may be out of date).

What features from OneSignal or Mixpanel are you looking for? A web interface for delivering push notifications to your users? We have a lot of things we want to build for push notifs and it’d be great to hear from you about this.

That’s good to know, thank you. A dashboard interface would be great for sending push notifications, but most importantly a notification service that integrates with my event analytics is what I’d look for. I’d like to be able to automatically target notifications to certain segments of users.

For instance, if a user / device hasn’t opened my app in 2 weeks, it’d be great if I could send them a bump. Or target certain regions for promotions, etc.

One frustration I’ve had is the overwhelming variety in mobile analytics and push notification services available. It seems like a new one pops up every week, and I tend to prefer the more established services like Mixpanel, or ones with significant backing / eco-system like Firebase Analytics + FCM (as it gains momentum).

An Expo service would be useful, especially if it seamlessly integrates with my Expo apps, though it’d be nice if could “play nice” with other more robust platforms like Mixpanel or the Firebase ecosystem.

I’d love to hear more what your plans are - do you guys have a roadmap somewhere?



I created a feature request on our Canny board: https://expo.canny.io/feature-requests/p/push-notification-dashboard--analytics-integration.

I don’t think we have a public roadmap somewhere, but I’ll ping @ide to comment on that feature request with what he’s thinking.

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We expose an API to let you get the native (not Expo) push token for iOS and Android now: https://github.com/expo/expo/pull/258

Is that available for non-detached apps as well?

yes, if it is a standalone app

don’t see this in the notification docs, is there a specific reason why?

we don’t test this internally, someone added support for it through an open source contribution but it’s not something that we officially support

+1 for user segmentation.