Where can I find guide to implement unimodule?

I was looking forward to implement expo-unimodule. Where can I find the doc?

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Hey @dooboolab,

You can find each specific unimodule’s instructions in the READMEs of their particular package. The links to all these pages can be found in each API reference in our docs.

Good luck!

I am not sure if you’ve understood my question correctly. I was asking if I can implement one here. I wanted to port my react-native-iap into expo unimodule if possible.

Hey @dooboolab,

We certainly appreciate the interest but we don’t currently have any documentation or guides on converting to a unimodule. When we do, we’ll certainly let you know.


Thanks for your prompt reply. I was interested in making such a thing.
It would be great to give possibilities to other developers to build unimodules and I certainly believe that this will improve expo community.

heya! this is definitely planned, unimodules release is currently in ‘preview’ and we are just working on making the workflow solid before we engage the community to help you all build your own


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