How to compress video?

Currently I’m using expo 45. I’m struggling to compress video. Image manipulator works for images but not able to compress video. Also I don’t want to eject the project as of now so is there any other way?

What did you find out? This forum is basically dead…

Hi @lucksp,

Client side video compression is not current possible with Expo SDK. You can use a library like ffmpegkit-react-native in your Expo project. Using it with Expo Go is not possible since it requires native code, however, you can use the config-plugins/packages/ffmpeg-kit-react-native at main · expo/config-plugins · GitHub in your Expo project.

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To add to what Aman said, you do not need to “eject” to use ffmpeg-kit-react-native. You should create a development build and use that instead of Expo Go.


Thanks! Sorry I missed to provide the whole context :sweat_smile:

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Is this library a good solution?

Not sure about that since i haven’t used it before. However, it seems like it has an Expo config plugin.