EAS Build iOS suddenly threw build error

EAS Build ios works well all the time until I made a couple minor JS changes which are totally unrelated to the build.
EAS Build threw below error message.

🍎 iOS build failed:
Internal Server Error.
Please try again later. If the problem persists, please report the issue.
error Command failed with exit code 1.

Build details: Build Details — 27537d69-b800-42bb-9bd7-310e1d25c2e6 — Expo

Hi, sorry for the issue, can you try now?

Hi, @wkozyra Wojciech
Can you help me with this problem or provide some information?
expo build failed in ios, failed with eslint - #2 by lil-kita

I cannot build for ios at least last 6 hours
There is always the same error but with diff packages (net-info/eslint)
npm install works correctly on my pc


@lil-kita It looks like the package in the cache was malformed, I’ll look into that more, for now I manually removed that package, it should work now

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@wkozyra thank you,
ios eas build works well now

I had the same issue.




ERR! code E500


npm ERR!


500 Internal Server Error - GET - unknown error

Any idea what’s happening @wkozyra? I’m unable to build iOS binaries, and custom dev clients.

I ran a build now, and it worked. I’m assuming the issue is from Expo’s side?

Hi @wkozyra
The issue seems to be fixed for me now. EAS Build ios is working again without problem.
Thank you!

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