Does expo publish clear AsyncStorage for Android?

I’m trying to show an intro slider ( the first time a user opens an app. When the app opens, I use check AsyncStorage to see if the user has opened the app before, and display the intro slide if it’s the first time, then save that the user has now seen it.

I’ve noticed that occasionally the intro slider will pop up again on Android. It seems like it happens every time I publish with the expo cli, which means that AsyncStorage is getting cleared. If this is the case, how can I prevent this?

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This is surprisingly close to problem I am facing. I just made own post regarding it here:

Problem I encounter is after every expo-cli start, my app seems to have clear AsyncStorage. Do you have similar situation @peter176, or only once you’ve published your app?

async storage in expo client is scoped by your username and project slug. are you signed in to your account in expo-cli? did you change your slug?

this isn’t happening in the client for me, but on the app that I’ve downloaded from the play store