Android Crash Silently on Startup

By default, Expo stores your credentials for you. But if you have them locally instead of letting Expo manage them, that’s also fine. It’s also OK to have an android and an ios directory. It just means you’re on the Bare workflow instead of the Managed workflow, so you have to take more things into account when installing certain dependencies, or when upgrading to a later version of React Native/Expo SDK, and e.g. if you want to update your app icon or splash screen then you can’t just do it by updating your app.json.

If you’re not using LocalAuthentication or some other React Native fingerprint library, then you should not be getting any errors related to a fingerprint reader. Fonts and icons… maybe just make sure you’re waiting for them to load. In theory there should not be any device-specific issues with that, but if that’s what you’re seeing it sounds frustrating!

Anyway, good luck :slight_smile:

Summary of where we are:

  1. Crashes on all apps Android and iOS were cleared by deleting Lottie and all animation.
  2. One crash left on a Samsung Luna J3 - showed a Fingerprint reader fault

I cleared that one with upgrading Firebase to the latest. If any of you try that, make sure you read the release notes - because without code changes your build will crash because in their wisdom, the changed the directory for one of the libraries. There is also a required change to add a metro.config.js file in the root. They give explicit directions in the release notes of Firebase SDK Js.

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I’ve just seen this issue, which might be relevant to your fonts and images issues

Thanks Michael. I will investigate.

I still think it is a binding issue - the right packages are not put into load. Icons don’t use useFonts hook.

It remains an unsolved mystery to me.