Your app includes non compliant SDK version

If any one resolved above issue please help me to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.

Hi @sqtest

See this GitHub issue:

There’s also another thread here:

Hi, @wodin I have also upgraded my EXPO SDK version from 44 to 45 in my app, but I’m getting the same issue.

If you’re not using Segment, try switching to EAS Build. The classic expo build system is deprecated and will no longer be supported from Expo SDK 47.

From the Expo SDK 46 Beta release blog post:

This will be the final SDK with support for classic builds! SDK 47 will not support classic builds. This means that iOS 15 will be the last version that classic builds will target. If you want to target the iOS 16 SDK when it is released, we suggest migrating to EAS Build sooner than later. See the original November, 2021 announcement.

If you are using Segment, make sure you’re using version 11.2.1 or later of expo-analytics-segment

Also, make sure that you don’t have any older versions of your app with old versions of the Segment SDK in the Google Play console in one of the testing tracks.