XDE open wrong project

Hello and thank for your hard work doing expo/xde.

I have a problem trying to open one of my projects in xde ide. Xde always opens the same project (the one I was working lately) no matter what I do.

Things I already tried:

Restarted xde, restarted pc.
Delete the project I want to open node_modules and npm install.
Upgraded exp to last version.
Reinstaled expo app.

OS is windows 10. Exp 56, expo client app 2.7.1, xde latest version.

By the way, watchman stop working some days ago, I had to finish another project reloading expo app for testing.

Any idea is welcome, thanks in advance.

If you want, you can try the new Expo Cli that uses a new interface via Web Browser, its really awesome!

$ npm i -g expo-cli
$ expo start

after this, the graphical interface will probably be available on url: http://localhost:19002/

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Truly awesome! thank you.

That doesn’t resolves the problem, expo app still opens the wrong project, the on I was working on lately instead the new one.

I had to clear cache and app data of expo app from phone menu, so I guess this is a bug in expo app.

Thank you!

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Hi @gusds - are you using expo on iOS or Android?

Hi @esamelson, I’m using expo client app (2.7.1) on android (moto g4, android 7).

Hi, still experimenting the same problem.

By using xde or cmd expo start, always the expo client app opens a wrong project. It didn’t hapen before with other client versions i was using for months.

So far the only working solution to open the right project is deleting expo client app data from android config/applications menu.


Hi @gusds - I’m unable to reproduce this myself. Could you provide a full list of the steps to repro this issue using either the exp or expo-cli command line tools? Also, are you using the tunnel, LAN, or localhost network options?

his should be pretty easy assuming you depend only on native APIs that Expo supports. First, make sure you’re using version control like Git or have a backup of your code in case something goes wrong.https://www.happywheels.vip/

Then open your exp.json file and remove these keys: isDetached , detach (and everything underneath it), android.package , and ios.bundleIdentifier . You also can remove the android , ios , and .expo-source directories.https://vlc.onl/

Restart exp or XDE and you should be able to open your project and run it in the regular Expo client again.

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