XDE freezing on "Extracting project files"

Ive been waiing on this view for a while and it doesnt change for a long time…

Hey harryp!

This may be a problem on our end, has this happened before? Can you tell me more about your operating system and steps you took to get here?

I just installed all the latest Apple packages on my OS. It used to work fine before but recently it gets struck and I cant get to the next step.

Is there are CLI to run from command line rather than this installer UI ?

I got it covered by manully doing npm instasll on terminal .

why do you guys have this limit ? I got genuine questions that I want to find solution for… this limit doesnt make any sense. Can someoen please lift this limit please ?

21 Hours - seriously expo Team ?

Hey harryp!

There is a CLI tool to get started with React Native! Please try this: https://github.com/react-community/create-react-native-app

Let me know how this goes for you? With this you can work around using XDE.

thanks Jimmylee, I’ll keep you posted.

this is an automated limit with discourse, the forum software that we use. you created three topics in the first day which it detect as spam – that seems like a pretty reasonable heuristic :wink: you could consolidate all of your issues into one thread

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extracting project files is just calling into tar on your system: xdl/Extract.js at ddc671416f5664ea53ffc89af4e2807deae6f077 · expo/xdl · GitHub

we should definitely be handling errors here better. cc @charlesvinette

another way to debug this is to open the chrome devtools and check your javascript console errors, as xde is an electron app.


Yep I will add that to my list @notbrent!