Will your Camera API ever offer the ability to resize images or save to gallery?

As I explained in another post, I am trying to port a Cordova app over to React Native using Expo.

In Cordova, the Camera API offers 2 features that I need which don’t exist in Expo as far as I can see:

  1. The Cordova Camera plugin lets you specify a target Height + Width that it will resize the photo to for you.
  2. It also lets you specify an option that causes the original (non resized) photo to be saved to the users image gallery.

Are you planning on building these into the Expo ImagePicker API?

So far this issue and the lack of FileSystem directories are the 2 things that are going to cause me to have to detach my app.

We’re in the process of building a more full-featured Camera API. With luck we’ll be able to release it in the next SDK – it’s still getting QA’d.

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Thanks, @dikaiosune

Could I ask when the next version of SDK will be released? I’m VERY excited to see the Camera API…!!!

John Baek

Mirroring the ImagePicker.showImagePicker from react-native-image-picker would be awesome. Can’t wait to see what is in the new Camera API.