Will SDK37 support Notifications for the bare flow?

Hi, I found this task: https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/4376
It looks like Notifications will be extracted to unimodule in SDK 37, does that mean bare flow apps will be able to use Expo’s push notifications service?
Can someone please explain what the plans are?
Thank you!

I currently have a managed app, and I’ll have to eject to support IAP. It looks like SDK37 will come out soon. If that is the case I’ll just wait for SDK37 rather than building a separate push pipeline.

Hi Jake, we are indeed planning for SDK37 to come out soon - the quickest way to hear about the release and get details in release notes is at blog.expo.io.

And yes, if you need any custom native code, Bare will be the workflow we recommend. We think the developer experience is already rather better in Bare, and to further support this, our goal is overall feature parity (or better!) between Bare and ExpoKit, including support for Notifications in Bare! (Once we’re confident we’re there, we’ll deprecate ExpoKit soon after.)

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For anyone who’s curious, SDK38 bare flow supports notifications seamlessly! :partying_face:

Thank you for the awesome work!