Will local notifications show when my standalone app is in the foreground?

I’ve noticed when scheduling local notifications, in order to see the notification, the expo app must not be in the foreground. When I have my standalone iOS/Android app, will this still be the case? Will my app always need to be closed in order for the local notification to show? If so, is there anything I can do to get the notifications to show if the app is open?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP! This is a complete sentence.

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer and don’t have time to build an app to answer your question. Can’t you test yourself if the notifications show up when your standalone app is in the foreground?

Also, it would probably help if you posted more information, like a minimal example snack that reproduces the problem when running non-standalone. It might also help to post the output of expo diagnostics. Also because there are differences between Android and iOS with permissions and notifications, it would make sense to mention which OSes/devices you’ve tested on.

Anyway, from reading the documentation it seems you might be looking for Notifications.addListener.

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