Why unwanted files (emojione.ttf) coming in my expo app?

My application size is 21 MB, I had open apk file in android studio Build > Analyze APK section
there are showing so much unwanted files

I have not used any firebase service in my app

I don’t from where this card coming in drawer folder

Hey @ashishtaskme,

This is a result of every native module being included in a standard Expo project which grants you the ability to add any API (that is part of the SDK) with an OTA update, but comes at the cost of a larger file size. We’re working on slimming file sizes by separating our APIs into their own space known as Universal Modules. Once this is done, we’ll be able to make it where you can select what you want bundled with your app.

For the emojiOne.ttf file, that isn’t needed and will be removed with our next release.



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