Why is the phone not updating when updating component!?

App.js imports AlbumList.js
And AlbumList.js imports AlbumDetail.js

When I make a change to “AlbumDetail.js” the app looks like it’s refreshing but still display old version.
I have to make a change to AlbumList.js for the change to "AlbumDetail.js to show…

is this normal? Not sure what I am doing wrong.

For most things, but especially when working in snack, it’s extremely helpful to get a link to a snack when trying to get to the bottom of an issue.

yes thank you
here it is

Thanks! I think that’s a snack issue, not anything you’re doing.
Until we get it fixed you can drop down to SDK 31, or use “Reload App” under the devices menu

I went down all the way to SDK 26.0 and still getting same issue…

also I try to reload… but what happens it reloads an OLDER version of the snack, not even sure which

This is all very strange. Why am I the only one experiencing this?

Hmm, I was able to reproduce your issue, but dropping SDK versions and reloading both resolved it for me.
When you change SDK versions you need to shut down any running instances of the snack mobile client and reopen to get the new version.

If that isn’t the issue, please give us as much detail as you can stand about what you are doing and what happens.

seems to be working now across all versions… include 32

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