Why is Expo ignoring aspectRatio on Video elements?

Hi guys

Please have a look at this snack:


Please open the snack in a separate window (link to the right of the “Web” tab in the right sidebar).

When you resize the window a bit, you’ll notice some strange behavior:

  • (might be an error in Snack) When the window is big enough for the two videos to fit in, their parents get a height of 0, so they are rendered on top of each other. As soon as you make the window smaller, this behavior disappears.
  • Even though both the <Video> and their direct parents have width: 100% and aspectRatio: 1.333, the height of the <Video> elements always stays the same. The aspectRatio prop is not respected.

Why is that so?

I want the video elements to fill the width of their parent, but their height should be set according to the aspectRatio prop.

SDK Version: 39
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): web / iOS (Android not tested)

Uh, if nobody has an answer, I’m going to post that as a bug in React Native.

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