Why is expo cli hardcoded to setup tunneling trough localhost:8888?

Yesterday, I was trying to start expo project on my company machine behind proxy. I was troubled by the issue tunneling failed to setup, refuse connect.

At last, I found that exp is trying to connect a proxy server on port 8888.

But I just don’t understand, why hardcode the proxy server address on 8888? why not let us configure the proper proxy address? what if I don’t need a proxy server at home???

Is there a reason for this proxy server at 8888?

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hi @hatelove, i think port 8888 is the one used by react native packager https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/how-expo-works.html#react-native-packager-server

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I don’t get it. There’s this trouble shooting proxies documentation on expo’s site:

the doc is awful, it doesn’t explain why to setup charles proxy. And why expo need the proxy server.

But the problem of tunneling is gone when I follow the steps described on the documentation.

At the begining, there’s one sentence:

In order to run this in the local iOS Simulator

What is “this”??