Why `expo export ` require logging in

I’m trying to build standalone ExpoKit based(ejected) application without publish.
Fortunately, there is export command.
I’ve achieved my goal with it, but I was still required logging in through export process.

the relevant code is here.
user variable is just used to getting username for id field in exported manifest file.

I think id can be self-hosting-user managed string.
Then self-hosting-ejected applications can be built without publish nor expo account.

How is this?
Sorry for my cheap English.

The project IDs in other parts of the system assume the @${username}/${slug} format so to be consistent and reduce the likelihood of other bugs we use the same format here.

Thank you for reply.

If the problem is the format of project ID, Can’t anonymous username be used in this case?

expo start fallback to anonymous username.

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