Why does my app keep stacking RAM??

So I just noticed my app keep stacking RAM whenever I make any kind of operations on it.
I haven’t got any warning about memory leaks as I play with this app. However, it just keeps stacking RAM!!! The app restarts several times on production after some period of time. It is a kiosk app, apparently I want it live all the time.
For example, my menu screen have two FlatLists, one for menu category and the other for menu Items. and there is a state for selected menu category, when the state changes, the menu items re-render. As I constantly changes the state, the rams increase like 1mb per change. And It just keeps stacking.
Things I have tried to reduce this kinda of memory leaks: Using flatList, react native fast image, reduced image size, etc.
Is there any way to track why the ram is increasing with EXPO? And any suggestions are welcome!
Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 9.17.57 PM