Why does my app have trackers ?


I have build and published an app with Expo that is working without any connection, has no login function and is really simple.

The fact that it has been built without any tracker has always been really important to me and the users.

Today, one of them alerted me that he tested the app on reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org and my app seems to have 4 trackers in use.

Do you know why they. are used ? Some are for analytics so I can imagine it’s used for getting the download/use data on the stores ?

What about Amplitude that seems to collect profile informations ?

Can I deactivate them ? And if so, how ?

Than you so much !

Hey @sylvainpayet, we provide a section in our docs called Regulatory Compliance. I’d recommend reading the section on data collection

As for removing those modules, if your project is using the Managed workflow this won’t be possible at the moment. In the bare workflow you can select which Expo modules you want to include in your project.


Thanks for your answer!
I think it would be really great to be able to not include these trackers into managed apps’ builds.

It is becoming more and more important for users and developers not to always have trackers :slight_smile:

I think it would be really great to be able to not include these trackers into managed apps

The way our infrastructure works currently it’s not possible, for managed apps we always include all supported expo module regardless whether they are used or not. We need to do that

  • for build service performance (we have one precompiled binnary for iOS that we only need to configure package and sign), so build take 3 minutes instead of 30 min
  • it would be easy to break apps with OTA update if you push an update that requires some module that native code does not have

new EAS services (EAS Build - Expo Documentation) won’t have those limitations, but currently, only bare workflow builds are supported, (managed should also work there, but it’s not yet ready for production use)